OverviewI've been a professional graphic designer since 1993. I worked in a prestigious design firm Philips Doherty for three years while attending Emily Carr Art School. It was an amazing time of learning for me, as I had the advantage of learning design theory at school, while being able to practice these skills in a real world situation. The other senior designers at Philips Doherty were generous with their time, and they showed me their approach to starting the creative process, presenting ideas, and all the technical skills required to create designs; both on paper and digitally.Ashmont ResourcesAshmont Resources was a client I worked with in 2011. It's a great example of pure design work, as I created their logo and brand design, and applied it across many media: website, multimedia presentations, and a complete corporate identity program. See more of my work for Ashmont here.
Tacomio Website Tacomio is a fantastic chain of taco restaurants in the lower mainland of Vancouver. One of the owners asked me to help them out on the design of their website, digital menu screens, and online ordering app. I was hungry to help out in any way I could! I did some research on the visual history of the classic Mexican kitchen, and came up with some elevated designs to make this amazing restaurant look as delicious as their tasty tacos. Click here to see more of my work from Tacomio Restaurants, and do your self a favour and try their food today!
Triple O's One of the highlights of my design career was working with Triple O's, the fast-casual arm of White Spot Restaurants. Triple O's offered a new feature burger every season, and each one needed branding and a fun TV commercial that could be used on social media and digital ads as well. I designed about a dozen logos for these feature products, and also wrote the scripts, animated the ads, and managed the post production process which often included voice overs and sound editing. Click here to see more of my designs for Triple O's.
Miller Genuine Draft We launched NÜTRL Vodka Soda with the "Break Up With Beer" campaign, and continued with a consistent relationship metaphor for several years. In one campaign, the characters were looking for someone who wasn't "Too Sweet". In another campaign, the characters talked about how glad they were to know NÜTRL, as it kept things real and wasn't fake like other beverages. More recent campaigns aimed at the simplicity of NÜTRL compared to trying to mix your own drinks. Our most recent campaign was called "Time for NÜ", and focussed on the RTBs or Reasons To Believe; simply the fact that NÜTRL has no sugar and no carbs.
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